The help area covers all tabs available in the Gold Bot.

Some of these tabs are not in the Free version at all. Some of the tabs are in the Free version, but have less functionality. For the tabs that are in both versions, they work the same way.



Lists your alliance members
In the Sort by drop down you can pick an option for the way you wish to view your alliance members

  • Name
  • Might
  • Glory
  • Cities
  • Positions
  • Days in position
  • User Id (you can click here to go straight to kocmon)
  • Facebook (you can click on “profile” link and go to the persons facebook page)

This is where you can see your wounded troop numbers by cities.This area allows you to set batches of troops so that your wounded troops keep reviving.

You have to set troop type and numbers for each city and “Add”.

You may set more than one troop type and number range for each city. However, the order in which you add each troop, is the order they will be revived in.

The times for the current revives will show in the bottom of the tab screen.

This screen also shows your wounded troop numbers.


This area simply gives u an overview of the ascension status of your cities.

Clicking the ascension button will take you to the ascension window.

You will also see the level and the cost of ascension.

Of course when the cost gets to zero is when you want to ascend.

Gem points for ascension
Checked by me personally :)

  • Castle – 12
  • Druid barracks – 9
  • Druid Apothocary – 9
  • Rally point – 8
  • Alchemy lab – 8
  • Knights hall – 8
  • Wall – 8
  • Spire – 8
  • Watch tower – 7
  • Market – 7
  • Embassy – 6
  • Barracks – 3
  • Cottage – 3

These numbers are for every added level of a building. Whether you are building it to level 2 or level 10, it will only add this amount to the total, shown under this help button. Every buildings “might” value combines to give the total. Once it reaches 1200, you are at 100% and can level up again.

Auto Attack

You will find the auto attack options as a gold button to the left of the KOC gold buttons.

  • The options button is where you set your options.
  • The attack/no attack button turns it off and on.

I think most of the options are self explanatory. The defaults are set to get the best performance.

Attack Order: use most troops or closest targets

Attack Type: Camp, Wilderness, City, Transport seconds inbetween sending each attack: default is 15 which is a good number Time inbetween sending to the same target… (defaults are good time settings to avoid captcha)

Attacking camp: 1 hrs

Attacking wilderness: 1 hrs

Attacking city:12 hrs

Transporting: 1 mins max distance away from city to attack: default is 60. I tend to go to 30 Only launch attacks from city they were last launched from. Retry march if it has unknown/excess traffic error (press reload after changing this option).

Open up this url in a tab when we’re under attack: you can put a web address for your browser to open if you’re under attack

Auto remove barbarian/wilderness attack reports

Attack reports to keep maximum in the attack dialog: default is 10.

Disable viewing of reports, this will also disable collecting of reports for the attack page.

% of idle population available before we do auto training.

% happiness before we click auto gold. seconds inbetween changing cities.

Cycle thru all the cities times and then wait X secs before refreshing.

Cities to attack from: select cities you want to attack from.

% random adjustment for all delays (to look more human).

Import/Export: Paste or copy the settings here. once you input ur changes to settings click on the save button

Cancel does not clear your settings it cancels any changes and/or closes the options window

Reset options sets all settings back to the defaults

Reset all – resets the options to the defaults and clears the attack coords as well

Auto Craft

This tab lists all craftable items.

It also shows your current crafted items.

You can enter into the amount boxes the number of items that you wish to craft.

You can also set an option that crafting only occurs when a specific preset Throne Room is equipped.

The aetherstone numbers and current crafting times are listed at the bottom.

Auto DF

This tab allows you to set up marches for each level of Dark Forest.

Open “Select Troops” and enter the number of each troop type that you want used for each level Dark Forest.

In “Options” you can chose your distances and knights.

Then chose the levels by city that you wish to use. Then turn your “Attack” On.

Note: It does take time for the bot to find all targets, so be patient before thinking it isn’t working.

Auto Train

You can select a preset to determine whether autotrain is automatically turned off or on.

you can select a troop type at the top of the window and set all cities to train the same troop.

maximum number of troops will be calculated for each city.

You can use the wall and field defense check boxes to elect to build them in a particular city.


  1. Toggle the box in front of the row to enable autotrain for that city (the number is the city number).
  2. Select a troop type per city in the drop down boxes.
  3. Fill in the minimum troops that triggers the autotrain (less then this will not be trained).
  4. Fill in the maximum number of troops to train and check the max check box if you want a maximum
  5. Select the percentage of workers to use in training
  6. Select any item speed up you want to use for training.

Fill in resources:
Keep: autotrain will keep this amount available in the city.
Use: autotrain will only use the resources to train troops.

Turn it on:
Click the autoTrain toggle button.


Autobuild button
either set on or off

Build mode button
when on it adds the building you click on to the build queue

Build type
selections are

  • level up: upgrade the building you click with build mode on to the next level
  • level max: will add all levels needed to take a building to level 9. Note: it does not take buildings past level 9
  • destruct: will add deconstructing the building you click on to the build queue

Ask for help?
will post requests for help in alliance chat and your Facebook wall

Quick add

  1. select the city you want to build in
  2. select whether you want to upgrade all buildings, just cottages or just barracks
  3. select the level you want to upgrade all of your selected type up to 9click the add button and your selectsion are added to your build queue

Build queues
You will see each city

  • show button: shows the upgrades/deconstrut items queued up (there is an optimize for speed button. when you click that it re-orders the items to be built from least amount of time to most amount of time.
  • cancel all button: will cancel everything in the queue for that city

Qc: shows you the current build status

Tt: lists how many items you have in the queue and total time for all of them to complete

Clickable Guardian

You will find a box with throne room presets and a box with the four guardians at the bottom left of your KOC screen.

Drag them to wherever you want them to sit. Wherever you put them will be saved and that is where they will be forever. Unless you drag them somewhere else of course.

These two boxes remain open whether you have the main addon window open or closed.

You will still have the 5 second delay when switching guardians or presets.

  1. Fill in the troops the attacker has and what the defender has. You can be the attacker or the defender.
  2. Click the research button for the attacker and the defender
  3. Fill in the research levels, your knight level and the guardian and it’s level.

Below the entry fields you will see the results of this particular battle.


You can now turn each city spire tower on or off individually.

You set the number of a specific item to craft. This can be a number that stays the same or decrements as items are made.

Hovering/putting your mouse over the picture of a craft item will show you the receipe needed to craft that item.


The Crest tab is designed to attack one Barb camp, wild, or city over and over again. You can also use it to crest cities and wilds as well.

Just fill in the coordinates and troops then click on “Add Attack”.

You can set multiple targets from multiple cities.

You may also want to set the following options:

Refresh koc if cresting jams You can have a cresting report sent to your koc messages at a specified interval You can set the attack interval by seconds.

The “show targets” button to see the places you have set up.

Click on the crest button so that it says it’s on.

Troop numbers (from KOC WIKI):

Level Attack Min. Fletching
1 500 archers 2+
2 3K archers 3+
3 4k archers 4+
4 15k archers 5+
5 20k archers 6+
6 40k archers 7+
7 50k archers 8+
8 30K Bal 9+
9 60K Bal 10
10 120k Cat 10
Enhanced Reports

Go into your alliance reports and open any report

Then click on the report number in the upper right hand corner (which should be blue) and you will see all the details of that report.


This option lets you copy options from one domain to another.

  1. Select the domain containing the settings you want to use in a different domain (defaults to the domain your in)
  2. Enter the domain number you want the settings copied to
  3. Select the settings you want copied

Check force overwrite if it is not copying all the settings you selected.



Farm button – turns farming off and on Show Farms buttons – shows the farms for the selected city When you are in this listing you have a check box to the right of each city – uncheck it for any farm that you do NOT want to hit


Shows you the farms found for each city.


Keep rallypoint slot(s) free: the number of rally spots you want to be left open.

Farm Interval: select to hit the farms continuously or for a specified number of hours.

Delete reports: will delete the farm reports Search distance – how far out from each city you want to be searched.

**Min is the lowest might of a person to hit
**Max is the highest might of a person to hit Farm if inactive for more then: ##days (checked every 6 hours) – if you’re going to hit inactive cities this specifies how long they would need to be inactive.

Put a check next to the cities you want to farm from.

Put a check next to the level of cities you want to farm.

Select the type of diplomacy of the farms you want to farm; friendly, neutral and unallied for example.


Select the type and amount of troops you want to farm with.

NOTE: these troops will be used for all farming cities.

  1. If you want to send the same gift to all then select the gift next to “select for all”. You can all reset it by choosing “none”.
  2. Or for each person you can select a specific gift for that person next to their name.
  3. If you’re lazy like me, you can check the box to auto send the gifts each day. It will send whatever you set up for each person.
  4. Check the box to scan and delete gift messages if you don’t want to see the “you got a gift” messages.
  5. Click the send Gifts button

You will be shown the total gifts sent out from you at the top and the gifts you have received from each person to the right of their name.


The help tab brings you here.


Provides links to both kocmon and koc dunno

You will find the troop stats laid out first. Including food usage, cost to build and combat stats.

Under that you will see the same information for wall defenses.

Then city requirement information.

Next are the crest seals you have.

There is also a distance calculator: Put in coords or select one of your own cities for first and second location. It will then show the distance between those two cities.

Lastly, there is a map of provinces which shows where your cities lie. It will also show the two locations you enter in the distance calculator.


Lets you load multiple items from your inventory.

  1. Select the item you want by checking the box and enter the number of that item to use
  2. Then click the start button

It shows the number of all items in your inventory.


This Tab helps you manage your knights quickly and effectively without having to go to your Knight’s Hall.

You will see several columns.

Role: The title, Forman, Marshal, Alchemists, Steward is shown here. Knights not designated will not have a title next to them

Name: Click on the knight’s name to assign to a role

Pol Com Int Res: the number under these abbreviations is the knights skill points in the corresponding field. The highlighted field is the suggested field you assign the points to. Next to these numbers in parenthesis are where u can boost your knight temporarily.

Unassigned: Shows the skill points that need to be assigned, click on the “Pol Com Int Res” abbreviation to assign skill points to the corresponding field.

Level: the level of your knight. You can click on the loyalty number to apply “train withs” (i.e. train with kay)

Loyalty: you can apply crests to increase ur knights loyalty

Salary: how much you pay these guys to hunt barbs for you, the higher the skill points the more you pay.

You will also be shown which knights are marching.

The log lists everything the bot does for u, from training to building to collecting gold. It’s handy to check things if you think the bot is not working correctly.
March Attack

You will be able to send out attacks faster and easier then with the rallypoint. With all of the wings, auras and Knights listed next to send button for quick clicking. Very useful when cleaning out a large target.

  1. Select the city you want to send from.
  2. Select a city to send to or enter coords.
  3. Select the number of troops per troop type you want to send (gray boxes means you do not have that type of troop in the city you are sending from.
  4. Select either scout, attack, reassign, or reinforce.
  5. Select the knight you wish to send on either attack or reinforce (knights are not necessary for the other marches)
  6. Select any aura’s or wings you wish to use, if any and press the manual march button.

Save feature

To use the save feature, simple fill out the march attack tab as if you are sending out a march but instead of pushing Manual March button you push Save march.

At that time the info will appear at the bottom of the march attack tab page.

Now you can send the march from the attack button next to the save attack.

It also has a detail tab in case you need to review the troops types, amounts or other information about that particular attack .

You don’t need to worry about the knight selected because when you send the attack over and over again the knights with automatically change for each new attack wave sent.

You can send up to the maximum rally point marches or until you are out of available troops or knights.

To delete the saved attack simple click on the X button.


These options help make Game play easier. Many of these options are personal preference. It is strongly recommended you go through each option and decide if you want the feature enabled.

Note: if a checkbox is greyed out there has probably been a change of KofC’s code, rendering the option inoperable.

Configuring CodeSphere:

Enable dragging of the window (move the window by dragging the top bar with the mouse). Allows you to move the addon window from its static position. Recommended that you have wide screen enabled in the bot so that you do not accidentally drag your window into a position that you can not access.

Remember window position after refresh.
When you refresh the window will come back up in the state as it was – open or closed, location and the tab that was open.

Hide window by clicking on the map coordinates
Automatically closes bot window when clicking any coords found or used from another bot feature.

Enable Widescreen style:  (All domains,requires refreshing.)
The whole browser window is used for maps and makes it so the option window is not hidden.

Remaining food show in red if it will end in less than hours, this does not affect the food alert!!!
The time when your ‘food left’ in Overview feature shows red. The default is 24 hours and that time may be changed to personal preference

Turn on food alert in the chat (Established in 6 hours, checking every half hour)
When enabled, if food left for a city goes below the set time, the bot will begin to spam alliance chat every 30 minutes to notify the alliance that food is needed

Tip – This is a very useful feature, but it can also be a very annoying one to your alliance when abused. Care should be taken that you are not auto-transporting food out of your cities with the Bot in a way that will set off this alert non-stop.

Turn sound on whisper
Causes an audio alert each time someone whispers to you. Defaults to on.

Enable sound alerts the tower in chat
Causes an audio alert each time another player’s bot tower alert is posted in alliance chat.

Minutes between auto-training.
The amount of time between when an auto training queue is finished and the next one starts.
You can set a log entry to be made on success of training and/or if the training does not kick off because of lack of resources, population or the troop type. If you leave these unchecked no log entries will be made for auto-training.

General Options:

Enable delete gifts report button in inbox
Shows a delete gift button in the inbox to delete gift reports only.

Disable all pop-KOC
All koc pop ups such as fairs and member invites will be suppressed.

Refresh every KOC minutes
will automatically refresh koc the amount of time you specify.

Put chat right (requires Widescreen)
moves chat to the right of the screen instead of the bottom. Does not cover up the play area of the screen

Auto pick up gold when happiness comes to %
automatically get gold from all cities when happiness reaches the % you have specified

Use map width (requires Widescreen)
Allows chat to be on the right and extends map across the whole browser window

NewTab : URL : name :
This allows you to set an avatar of your own. Fill in the web address it is located and the name of the file

Allows you to select smileys from a list to be put into alliance chat.

NOTE: only people using the same bot will see the smileys.
Smiley Help Button – shows you the smiley’s incorporated into the bot


Kill merlins magic boxs on startup
Stops the merlin game from popping up.

The next 5 features all affect your tower alerts

Number of report
Includes the report number in the alliance chat alert

Alliance attacker
Includes the alliance of the attacker in the alliance chat alert. Includes the status of that alliance.

Alliance attacked
Includes the alliance of the person you are attacking in the alliance reports.

city attacker – includes the city of the attacker in reports and chat alerts

city attacked – includes the city of the person attacked in reports and chat alerts

Allow other scripts change to change the format of the reports of the alliance.
Enable further modification of reports, most notably by the Bot

Enable GMT relog next to the camelot
Use Greenwich Mean Time for easier coordination of times between all alliance members.

Favorite maintain map box above the activity of the troops
moves the coord box below the map so that the normally hidden portion is able to be seen

Help alliance build/research posts
Automatically clicks on someones build help requests in alliance chat

Hide alliance requests in chat
Does not show help requests in chat but will still click them if the above option is checked

Auto publish Facebook posts for [friends, friens of friends, everyone, only me] (For all domains)”)Only select ONE of these
This will automatically post your “help requests” on your facebook wall. You can choose this or the cancel below.

Auto cancel Facebook postsOnly select ONE of these
Does not allow facebook help requests to be posted on your wall.

Im out!!!(Only Kabam!)
Makes it look like you are offline when you are really online. Only works when playing on not when playing on facebook.

Show power and players on the map
on the map you will see the players name and their might without having to click the city.

Automatic Clearing reports
Select the reports to automatically delete from your reports section.
Barb / Transport
Transportation (To you)
Auto delete wild reports
Auto delete Reinforcement Reports
Auto delete Scouting Reports
Auto delete Attack Reports
Auto delete crest target regardless of type
Interval: Minutes (Minimum 2, but may delete before you go slower). – the amount of time to check for reports to delete.

The Reset button lets you reset the options to the defaults.

Option part 2 - Colors

The color options inside the option area are self explanatory.

Transparency allows you to set how transparent the bot window is when it is opened. It defaults to not transparent.Enter a number between 0.7 and 2. Those numbers determine how transparent the window is.

There is a color picker to use to find the colors you want to use. copy the color number from that picker and paste it in the box to the left of where you want the color changed

The reset button reset all the colors to the defaults.


The buttons appearing at the top show different aspects of the Overview. Clicking on the buttons will change the view in the drop down menu to “Maximum”

Resources: Shows an overview of resources in your city – you have the option of viewing a detailed (maximum) or a less detailed (normal) view.

The resources “Food, wood, stone, ore, and gold” appear on the left side of the screen.

Each section has separate information fields; Capacity Limit, Hourly Production, Upkeep (for food only).

The Cities listed along the top of the window have clickable coordinates.

The Conquered wilds section at the bottom of the window show the amount of wilds across the top and the type of wilds on the left side.

Red numbers indicate wild slots for that city able to be filled.

At the bottom of the window you also have the ability to include various filters to the view as well as change the font.

Troops: Shows an overall of troops idle, training and marching in a similar format to resources.

The picture of the troop type is on the left, and the city along the top.

Knight numbers are found along the bottom of the screen.

Building: A grid format with the cities along the top and the sections, Building / Research builds, Defenses information, Field/City information and spaces, and Research levels. This is used for a quick view designed for city planning.

You have the option to show what is missing for ur builds. These will be in red.

At top you can see what u are currently building and researching.

The second grouping shows your wall and field defenses.

The third grouping shows your city information.

The fourth section is your guardian information.

Lastly, you have a listing of your research levels.

Info: This screen is divided into different sections:

  • Useful Links: links in pop up tab to KOC related links
  • Crest Info: Completed cities highlighted in green with (owned crests)/(needed crest) listed.
  • Unit Information: The Grid shows stats for all types of troops and defenses. You do not necessarily have all these troops in your cities. This is FYI only.
  • Troop Train Times Estimates: shows u the buildings used for determining troop training times along with the troop hourly production and wall defense hourly production.

The Normal selection from the dropdown menu shows the original overview.

Notice your cities are listed in columns and your resources and troops in rows. The first row is the totals of all you have and the last row is what is marching.

Scroll down to the bottom.

The check mark boxes at the bottom do different things for viewing the overview.

Show Troops in City: this feature if uncheck-marked will hide all troops in the overview.

Show Marching Troops/Resources: Allows you to see all troops NOT in your cities

Show troops training in city: will add to the totals in the overview so you can see what your totals will be after your training completes.

Show troops training totals: adds a column to view the totals in training.

Additional Features

Clickable links of city coords to take you directly to that city on the map, see in a glance which cities are set to defend or hiding.

Food situation in a glance, mark the time in options to see food with less than a certain amount of time remaining in red. (Default is 24 hours.)

Misc. overview shows wilds per city and those under maximum in red, knights per city, time remaining in troop queues with those under an hour in red, wall queue times with those that are not at maximum defense capacity and less than an hour remaining to build in red.

Note: If you are unable to view your entire overview, click allow width overflow in the bottom left area of the window and try adjusting the font size.


Click Player then type the name of a person’s KOC name in the “player” Field.

NOTE: You need to enter at least three characters of the individuals KOC name.

Click Find Player

the following Columns appear

  • name: KOC name
  • kocmon: takes u to that persons record in kocmon
  • might: shows the individuals might points
  • online: shows online status
  • facebook: by clicking the profile button you are directed to the person’s Facebook profilelLookup

Details: shows the current updated alliance, number of cities, and what provinence the cities are in on the Leaderboard. It shows the following information at last leader board update

  • player: KOC name
  • might: player might
  • cities: number of total cities
  • rank: leadership or member in alliance
  • online: online/offline status
  • city name
  • lvl: level of city
  • coords: coordinates of city
  • distance: distance from your selected city or selected coordinates
  • eta: average time of arrival from the coordinates selected
  • last login: last time the player logged in or refreshed the page.

To change the coordinates for the Distance and Eta sections, above the player information after clicking the “Leader board” option, click your city you wish to measure from.

In the colored section “Model ETA with:” selects different troop types you can calculate out how long till you can reach that city. This does not calculate research and relief station values.

Searching an Alliance
Similar to searching a Player however you will be shown All players of an alliance with the following columns

  • Player
  • Might
  • Cities
  • Rank
  • Online
  • City Name
  • Lvl
  • Coords
  • Distance
  • Eta
  • Last Login

This may seem repetitious, however it shows there is more than one way to find information out about a player.

List alliances
Clicking the “alliances” button will show you all the alliances in their ranking. The alliances are color coordinated for diplomacy.

Clicking the “view members” button will show the leader board list of all members

NOTE: this information may be up to 24 hours old

Your Alliance Name Button
This will show all the members in your alliance in the above listed columns

The show friendlies check box will show u the alliances set friendly to you with the above columns

The show hostiles check box will show u the alliances set hostile to you with the above columns

You can select a type of troop in the estimated arrival drop down list to see the time it will take for that type of troop to arrive.

The “Show distance from:” area lets you put in coords to use in the arrival estimate calculation. You may also click on one of your cities.

Pop Control

It is a good idea to temporarily turn off auto transport, auto reassign, and auto train, when using this. Definitely a good idea to turn off auto-training in the city you are using pop control in.

POPULATION CONTROL tab will help you convert your excess/useless millitiamen into massive amounts of idle population. Massive idle population is very useful to have before a might tournament starts, or if you want to do a massive siege build with a Merlin’s tutelage.

The CITY REQUIREMENTS area displays the amount of resources and Militiamen required for a ‘full cycle’ of building massive idle population. If any of these requirements are not met, they will be displayed in red.

The CITY STATUS area displays the maximum amount of population your cottages provide, and the current amount of idle population in your city. This area also shows the number of training queue slots total and in use.

The COMMANDS area displays the buttons that automate this process:

DISMISS MM BUTTON This button is used to quickly get your city to its maximum idle population allowed by dismissing just the right amount of militiamen. This button will only light up when when your city is not at its maximum population, and then only if you have enough MM in your city to dismiss.

QUEUE SUPPLY TROOP BUTTON This button is used to train all the idle population into Supply Troops. This button will only light up when your city is at full idle population, and then only if you have enough resources to train all those Supply Troops and at least 1 free training slot.

DELETE QUEUE BUTTON This button is used to quickly delete all those queued up Supply Troops, returning 1/2 the used population (and resources?). This button will only light up when there is at least 1 training queue slot used. If you have any problems with this button, refresh and try again.

RUN CYCLE BUTTON This button is used to automate the entire process of repeatedly dismissing Militiamen then queuing Supply Troops, and then finally delete all of those queues. This button will only light up when your city has the required amount of resources and Militiamen

If the queue slots won’t delete, refresh and hit the ‘Delete All Queues’ button.

Quick Scout

To use the new tab

  1. 1st click on the city you want to search from
  2. then select the distance10-45 blocks(yes 45blocks equals 75 distance )
  3. then click search

As it searches, all the information will appear about that given area you selected(cites, barbs, and wilds).

At this time on the left side of the screen is a sub menu to let you pick and choose what you are specifically looking for, (ie. City, barb and wilds).

You can go even further by deciding what levels of the barbs and wilds you want (1 -10) or even the type of wilds (ie. Plains, forest, hills, mountains).

You can also click the cities button and from there pick and choose by the standing of the cites (ie. misted, neutral, friendly, and hostile) {allied or unallied} and also by the might of each person.

An added bonus is a filter that allows you to filter out alliance based on their ranking in that domain 1 – 10 as an example.

Once the city search is complete you can select all of the cites you would like to send a scout to by clicking the box next to the coords and and clicking the Scout button at the top of the page next to the search results.

  1. Set the button to autoreset = on to have the script reset your raid timer every 24 hours. You can also set it to send you a report every specified amount of time.
  2. Click on any city to see the raids set there.
  3. Click the delete link to delete all raids.

Allows you to set up reassignment marches to run automatically. This capability has been revamped to be easier to set up. You can do manual reassigns using the rally point tab.


Sets the interval between checking for troops to send.

Click troop lock if you are going to be setting up several routes to keep the numbers the same for each.

Show routes button: shows the reassignment marches you have set up. you can delete any routes you want in this window by clicking on the “x” to the right of the march.

Reassign button: turns reassignment off or on

Reassign Setting

  1. Select the castle to send from
  2. Select the castle to send to
  3. Put a check in the box next to the type of troops you want to send. Unchecked troop boxes will not reassign any troops.
  4. Next to the troop check boxes are fields to put in the number of troops to keep in each city. For example if I want to keep 100 scouts in a city, I would check the box and put 100 in the amount box.
  5. Click add route – to save your reassignment routes

This option allows you to query messages stored in your inbox or out box. Also allows you to search in your reports and alliance reports.

Fill in the criteria you want to filter messages or reports by (these can be a little tricky – you may want to play around with it a bit to get familiar with the way it works.)

Select one of the following:

  • Alliance to search through alliance reports
  • Player to search through your reports
  • Inbox to search through your inbox messages
  • Outbox to search through your outbox messages

Select one of the following:

  • them: if your looking for reports based on who the attacker is for attacks on your members
  • us: if your looking for reports based on who was attacked in your alliance
  • both: if your looking for both the attacker and the attacked

These options mean nothing if your searching messages and not reports (for messages I set it at both)

Enter the criteria you are looking for. this is for both messages and reports.

If you want to search specific pages enter the start and end pages to search. this is for both messages and reports.

Select one of the following:

  • them: if your looking for reports based on who the attacker is for attacks on your members
  • us: if your looking for reports based on who was attacked in your alliance
  • both: if your looking for both the attacker and the attacked

These options mean nothing if your searching messages and not reports (for messages I set it at both)

2nd Target
Enter a target name if you are searching reports. Not necessary if your not searching for a specific target

Select one or more of the following. These are for searching reports.

  • Attack
  • Scout
  • Reinforcement
  • Transport

Click search button

If any messages or reports are found you will see a list that includes the page number, the date, the sender, a title and an “x” button to delete any you want to delete.

Click on the title to see the report or message.

When you open a report, you can see the throne room of both the attacker – very useful when looking at alliance reports.



This replaces visiting each court individually to collect resources.

  1. Click the fetch user list button and all of the members of your alliance that you can receive resources from are listed. Select the ones you want to obtain resources from, or select all.
  2. Select the type of resource you want.
  3. Click on the city you want the resources to go into.
  4. Click on the Accept Resources button
Scout Alliance

Allows you to scout a WHOLE alliance.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Scout interval in msecs
  • Num Scouts – how many scouts to send to each alliance member
  • Minimum Might to scout
  • Maximum Might to scout
  • Enter all or part of an alliance name and click “Find Alliance” it will bring up the alliance(s) that match what you entered.

Click scout alliance to the right of the alliance you want to scout

Then click the scout button so that it says on.

It will run until everyone in that alliance that meet the criteria you entered are scouted.

If you need to stop the scouting, click the scout button so that it says off.


Either set these fields

  • Search for: select wild, barb camp or cities
  • Search style: select circle or square (they will select coords differently)
  • At: X= Y=  put in the coords you want to search for or select one of your cities
  • Radius: how far out you want to search


  • Search entire province that you select from the drop down list
  • Then click on the search button.
  • When you click on the search button, depending on what you’re searching for you will get different options for further filtering.

Searching barb camp options

  • minimum level
  • maximum level
  • sorting by distance or level
  • can elect to see coordinates only

Searching wilds options


If you want to have a better shot at getting kills you may try to hide your main attack force. This lets you enter the location of an enemy and then flood them with many many many waves of 1 troop marches to hide your real force.

  1. Fill in the X and Y coord of your target.
  2. Click the Launch Smoke Screen Attacks button and it launches a batch of multiple wave smokescreen attacks to clog the enemies towers.

Let’s you send text to either your alliance or global within a specified interval.

  1. Set spam to on to activate
  2. Select whether to send to alliance or global (i.e. when button says spam global, it’s gonna go to global)
  3. Enter the message you want to be shown.

Allows you to fill in an empty city (no buildings yet) and let it setup automatically for you.

At the top select the city you want to set up

Click one of the buttons depending on what you want to do

Add to build queue: once you have the city set up the way you want it click this button to had it to the build queue

Show field layout: shows the field layout for the city you have selected

Show city layout: shows the city ayout for the city you have selected

Hide layouts: removes the layouts from displaying

For city and field layouts you will see the city/field and below that are dropdowns so you can select the type of building/field you want to add. the tile numbers correspond to the dropdowns. If you are like me and like to keep some buildings in a certain place this is really useful.

If the dropdown is grayed out- there is a building/field there already and it will show you which building/field it is.

After you have it set they way you want your city built hit the add to build queue button at the top of the screen.

There are 2 buttons below the city/field layout they will let you save a default configuration and if you have one saved you can load it.

NOTE: your city/field do not have to be totatly empty to use this. If you have some buildings already built just fill in what you want in the empty spots from the dropdowns.


You can send a tower alert test here.

Check the “Send alerts the Alliance chat and whisper:” box to send the alerts to both whisper and achat.

  1. select whether you want it to look like a wild or city attack
  2. Seconds: is the number of seconds before the test attack is launched
  3. select the troops you want to see in the alert
  4. enter a false name for the report to come from
  5. then enter which of your cities to attack from the drop down list
  6. then click the “false Attack” button

This area lets you manage upgrades/enhancements, salvaging, repairing and organizing of your TR cards.


Set up rules for salvaging tr cards. The salvager works essentially like a web search using google or bing.

  1. Enter the first X cards – will keep those cards regardless of what is on them.
  2. Upgrade +1 before deleting – will enhance a card one level before it salvages so you get more astone
  3. max number of aether – sets the max amount in ur main city before astone starts being sent to other cities.
  4. When full put ether in any city – will put your astone in any city it can based on the overflow method you select. There are 2 overflow methods, one is in the order of the city’s number and the other is to put it in the city with the least amount of astone in it.
Throne Details

Provides details on your throne room including base information, growth potential and current level.

Throne Equip

Throne-Inventory: shows the stats of the cards you have loaded

Equipped: shows the type of items you have loaded: advisor, banner, chair, table, window, trophy

Throne Objects

you can filter your cards by groups, types, and levels.

You have the option to show all effects whether they are active on a card or not

The listing will show you

  • Object
  • Level
  • Number
  • Group
  • Type
  • Effects
  • Action – you can salvage, equip or un-equip here

This sends attacks to random enemy cities. The amount of troops is random so your targets has no idea how to set their tower to keep their chat reports cleaned out. When you select to include siege it will choose those randomly as well.

  1. Select the city you want to send from
  2. Enter the number of spots you want kept free in the rally point for that city
  3. If you want to send 1 man seige attacks check the box for siege attacks

This area gives you information on the current tournament. If there is not tournament running, you’re only going to see your basic information. If there is a tournament running you will see the top 20 people and your status will be at the bottom of that.


Across the top you will see city name, defense status and an A0/S0 button.

The A0/S0 button will show your reinforcements, that city’s own troops, the number of defenders in that city and what any attacker is sending at you along with any incoming attacks.

Next is a button to stop the sound alert.

You can check the box for text messages if you want to be texted when attacked. (standard text messaging rates for your cell plan will apply). Enter your cell number, country and provider.

Enter the number of troops to trigger an alert, to phone, chat, etc.

You can check the box to send an alert to alliance chat with these options:
Message Prefix – the message you want to show up in chat when you’re being attacked. You have the following options.

Alert on scouting: alert if it is a scout

Alert on wild attack: alert if there is an attack on your wilds

Display defend status: post whether your troops are defending or in hiding

Stop raids on impending: will stop barb raids when being attacked

Toggle to TR set on impending: select a preset to switch to when being attacked

Toggle to TR set that you chose after a specificed number of minutes without an incoming attack

You may elect to play a sound on incoming attack/scout. The options for this are:

Sound file: there is a default sound file but you can load a different one if you like by putting in the location of the sound file you want to use and clicking upload. If you change your mind clicke the default button.

Use the volume slider bar to set the volume

You can set the sound to repeat in a selected number of minutes

You may set the length of time the sound plays in seconds

Alert(Preset Alerts just Pick one!) dropdown allows you to select some sound files we have available on our server for your use.


Normal Training

The train tab been improved and redesigned to where it is easy to read, as well as train all troop types (normal and faction troops) at normal resource counts or even 2 or 4 times the resources. You can also use your Speed up boost such as any of the Tutelage. You can also manually train all field and wall defense here too.

If you check “Use Workers” then, depending on how many troops you train, your resource production may decrease until all your workers have recovered. Estimate is the total time to train based on type, # per slot and # of slots.

NOTE: The Gamble options for manual and auto training are currently ignored. If/when Kabam adds them to our domains then this functionality will hopefully be enabled.

Auto-Train Defenses

Current best practice is to train 1 trap, 1 caltrop and fill the remainder of the field with spikes and the walls with trebs. Bows should not be built. If there are any missing traps, caltrops or spikes then it will train one of each that is missing. N.B. It will only train one defense per slot but will try to fill all the slots with what it believes are missing. Defense training is glitchy because Firefox doesn’t notice when defenses have been built until you refresh-so you might end up with a few more traps & trops if you don’t refresh often enough.

Using the Dual Train feature – step by step

NOTE: leave this area blank to NOT use dual training.

  1. Select your city.
  2. Check the Use Workers box.
  3. Select the precentage break down for troops. The first % applies to the first troop box.
  4. Select a troop type in the dropdown to the right of the % dropdown.
  5. Select a troop type in the dropdown to the right of the first troop dropdown.
  6. Select the amount of each resource you want to KEEP in the city.
  7. Select “work” from the dropdown to use extra population. Choose idle if you only want to use the population at idle to avoid going negative on population.
  8. Next @: leave at default. you can play with this setting later. It sets when the next round of training will happen
  9. Set Use Pop to 100% to use all available population. Or use a smaller % to leave some population idle.
  10. Set Use Res to 100% to use all available resources except the amount you specified in step 4. Or use a smaller number to leave more resources in the city.
  11. Enter the minimum and maximum number of troops to set for each queue.
  12. Max Mins: leave at default to start. The smallest and largest batch size for each training slot. It will look at the specified proportions of the idle/working populations to see how many troops it could train. It will look at the specified percentage of un-reserved resources, i.e. actual resources-kept resources, to see how many troops it could train. It will look at the specified maximum training time to see how many troops it could train. It will then train the number of troops such that the resources, population and time figures specified are not exceeded; subject to the minimum and maximum number of troops to be trained per slot. Checks will be made across all cities to see if any troops can be trained.

In this area you can set automatic transports from one of your cities to either a different one of yours or to an alliance members coords.


Under “from” city

  • Select the city to send from
  • Select the troop type
  • Enter the number of those troops to us or click max to send the maximum your rally point allows
  • Click on one of the pictures of resources that can be sent

Under “to” city

  • Select your city the transport is supposed to go to
  • or enter the coordinates of any valid city
  • or click on the word Members in blue and you will get a list of members and each of their cities coords
  • Click the transport button

The Transport statistics area shows the resources you have in each city along with the number of transport troops you have in each city


Interval: the number of minutes to check whether a transport needs to happen

Troops Min: the minimum amount of troops that must be needed before a transport will march

Show Routes button: shows the routes you have setup for automatic transfers

Transport button: turns automatic transports off and on

  • Select the city the march will launch from
  • Select the city or enter coords of where the transport is to go
  • Select the troops to use
  • Enter the number of troops or click the max button to use the maximum your rally can send or the maximum troops you have of that type

If you want to keep a certain amount of resources in the source city, check the box next to that resource and fill in the amount to keep.


you can enter the amount to send in the “trade” boxes. Again here you can also click the max button for the maximum you can send.

Click add route to save the route or you can enter the resources you want to send to a city or a set of coords and click manual transport to do a one time transport.


Supply sets it up so that each city is checked to make sure they have the entered amounts of each type of resource. If any city’ resources you set up for supply falls below what you have set resources will be sent to that city.

transport: turns the supply transports on

auto transport: will fill in the fields to match what you have set up in the auto transport area.

save button: saves your setup

interval: number of minutes between checking

Each city has a place to enter amounts for each resource.

Troop Movement

Shows what you have encamped and where.

Shows everything you have marching including raids, transports, reassignments, etc. Along with any resources obtained or being transported.

Shows members reinforcing you including the number and type of troops.
You can send reinforcers home from this screen.

NOTE: You must reload to show troops camped KofC or troops left after a battle.


Manage and monitor your wild defenses.

You will see several columns containing information about all of your wilds. This section is an easy way to manage ALL your wilds’ defenses!

  • Wild Type
  • Coords
  • Traps: how many traps you have
  • Mercenaries: Novice, Intermediate, Veteran

Change Wild Defenses

  • Click the word “Max” next to the empty field under this heading,
  • Click the Down arrow next to the word “None” and select the type of troop you want
  • Click “Set defenses” At the bottom of the cities wilds.
  • Repeat for each city you have