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Stop updating things you don’t need to

OK, here’s the deal sometimes you have to update or upgrade to get features you want, or to fix security holes or to interact with certain application requirements. Well, for the most part to play KOC I use firefox 19.0.1, with greasemonkey 19.0.1 and flash... read more

Multiple Firefox Profiles – Old School

Yeah I know there are things out there to let u have multiple Firefox Profiles. However, even with my 500 years of computer experience, they have not worked well for me. This link is how u kick it old school. And it always works since about version 3 of Firefox. How... read more

Skip ads on youtube

How did I not know this? Evidently, you can watch vids on youtube without ads. I tried it and it works as it says. The only problem I have is it takes you out of your playlist so it’s kind of like work for me. But anyway here you go… To skip ads, change... read more

Is KOC just a game?

Kingdom’s of Camelot – just a game? Well, I’ve always liked to think so. But after 4 years I’m revising that thought.  It’s not JUST a game. It’s a little microcosm of life. People hate people in there. They love people. They get... read more

Easter Eggs around the net

An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program, movie, book, or crossword. Well I was bored last night so I tried some of these little Easter eggs I’ve been collecting. These are the ones that still... read more

Firefox and GM

Feel free to read the msg from the gm dev forums below. To sum it up there are issues in later versions of firefox. The issue is pervasisve it is not just for our addon. So to make the story shorter I will summarize we will be supporting the use of firefox 19 and the... read more

Browser setup for success

I am urging all Silver and Gold members to use firefox for your browser with the exception of 22. That one is not really ready for primetime. Also, use the gm off the site. The version we have for download has consistently worked. Get it from the download page. read more

Post Format Gallery

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