A selection of posts from the old site

KOC Attack 6/26/2013

** I’m being attacked! ** My wallet At (52.604294,2.077181) Attacker Kabam (37.782247,122.400819) (Hostile) Estimated Arrival (NOW!) Troops: 456734 Wallet Gremlins Status: Scared troops in sanctuary! Technology 12, USELESS!!!! read more

The Heartbleed Bug

CodeSphere is ok … WAIT … Just wanted to let everyone know that our hosting provider patched and tested our servers before the information hit the street.  As there was a lack of public exploit at the time our provider patched everything. It is highly... read more

Pale Moon for Linux users

If you are on Linux and want to use our addon (or any other) with Palemoon, these are the instructions to get you there. Straight from one of our testers. Pale Moon is an open source, web browser based on Firefox focusing on efficiency by leaving out unnecessary... read more

Flash Player Rollback

Lately there has been a great need to rollback to an earlier version of the Adobe Shockware Flash player in order to run addons correctly. We have found that version 11.8.800.186 works the best for everything (not just our addons). Below are the links to rollback... read more

Recommended Setup for CS Addons

All our addons work on Mozilla based browsers. Different versions work well in different combinations, the recommended setup below works all the time. At this time they do not work on Chrome (although we are working on that) or Microsoft IE browsers. If you need to... read more

How to disable flash auto upgrades

The easiest way is of course not to install the updater when you install flash (I never install updaters if they are optional an I turn them off if they are not). But, for most it’s probably too late for that, unless you’re rolling back to a previous... read more

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