OK, here’s the deal sometimes you have to update or upgrade to get features you want, or to fix security holes or to interact with certain application requirements. Well, for the most part to play KOC I use firefox 19.0.1, with greasemonkey 19.0.1 and flash plug-in 11.8.800.168.

I do not upgrade them, downgrading is a pain in the butt. Yes CS addons will work with other versions of these 3 things. The trick is what combination of which versions for which item.

Regardless of what you end up running. You probably do not want your stuff to auto upgrade on you without your knowledge. That is how you end up wondering why things worked 2 hours ago and now they don’t. I firmly believe that updates and upgrades should be a conscious decision and if stuff breaks then you know exactly what happened.

So, here is a nice vid on stopping those auto updates.

Visit the CodeSphere Youtube channel for more videos.