All our addons work on Mozilla based browsers. Different versions work well in different combinations, the recommended setup below works all the time. At this time they do not work on Chrome (although we are working on that) or Microsoft IE browsers. If you need to obtain a certain version click on the links in this FAQ.

Recommended Browser: Firefox 19.0.1

  • This links to en-us version to select a different language go to the FF Archives and click on version 19.0.1 (lots of scrolling)
  • Click on the type of operating system you’re using: win32, linux, mac typically. If you don’t know what the others are, don’t install them.
  • Then you scroll through that long list and click on your language. A few examples: for the US you want en-US (english-US) — for the UK, you probably want en-GB (english-Great Brittan) — maybe you need French that would be the one that says fr/
  • You want to click the link that says Firefox Setup 19.0.1.exe
  • If you don’t like FF, Palemoon 32-bit version 19.0.1 (yes even on 64-bit computers – the 64-bit version is a mess internally and really most of the applications you run on your 64-bit computer are 32-bit lol) is second best with Seamonkey after that.

Recommended Handler Extension: Greasemonkey

  • Go to the site, login, then go to the downloads page.
  • Because we have team members who are on the GM dev team so we have a little info on the issues with the newer ones.
  • Our Addons are coded so that you do not have to reset your addon settings, but if you have to downgrade GM, well it usually wipes off your settings and you start fresh.

Recommended Shockwave Flash: 11.8.800.168

  • Note: You only need flash for the Tower alerts and whispers so if you don’t use those features you don’t need flash for our addon anyway.
  • Because the ones after that are terrible – never update Flash unless u actually need to for a specific reason. Please follow the instructions carefully and in order. If you mess it up, you will not enjoy cleaning up the flash mess.
  • Get the correct version of flash. Scroll you do not want the stuff under playerglobal.swc archives. you want the flash archives.
  • You will see (Released 9/10/2013) imageFlash Player 11.8.800.168 (156.2 MB) – click on that one and save it somewhere that you can un-archive it. I recommend making a new folder when u save it in your downloads directory.
  • Everything you need will be in that zip file – including the uninstall file.
  • Follow the directions on this page! I’m serious; it’s a very simple procedure but if you just try to install on top of the version already on your computer you can end up with a mess.

KOC Addon: Ours on the installs page

  • Cause we like it
  • You can use other addons along with ours we have not run into any conflicts running with other scripts


Optional but highly recommended:

Memory Restart: whatever version is avail

  • Because it’s not that the browser memory leaks are so bad but the plugin container that is supposed to keep FF (& PM) from crashing is a memory sucker.
  • Start with the default settings and click the auto restart option see how that works the you can adjust the threshold laters – there’s more info on the developers page.
  • You can setup memory restart to automatically restart when to much memory is being used. That means you don’t crash.
  • And if you setup your tabs to “not” wait for a tab to be active to load, and set the browser to bring up pages from last time (or your home page if you set that to koc) and boom even while your sleeping no crashes, which means no waking up to find no bot running. Just a little tip.
  • One more tip, applications put all kinds of plugins and extensions in your browser. I turn them all off if I can’t uninstall them. I do run these things and adobe acrobat plugin 99% of the time. But I have lots of cool development and other tools – I leave em off till I need em. The more plugins you run at the same time the more memory gets sucked into the plugin container black hole and the more often you have to restart (yes restart not refresh. Refresh does not clear the memory in the plug in container) your browser or crash.

Mozbackup: not a plug in only for windows

  • It backs up your browser profile. that means the browser version, your settings, your plugins, their settings, your scripts – everything. So when ur profile is weird and you don’t know why – you can restore a previous profile.
  • Make backups before u do big things like upgrading your browser.
  • It will do your Thunderbird and Seamonkey profiles as well.
  • You can backup your profile(s) yourself manually, but why on earth would you?