Kingdom’s of Camelot – just a game? Well, I’ve always liked to think so. But after 4 years I’m revising that thought.  It’s not JUST a game. It’s a little microcosm of life. People hate people in there. They love people. They get married and divorced in there. People are addicted to it.

Things are taken personally. From what I see 99% of the people who play this “game” cannot let things go. I’ve always been of the mind that hey, we were enemies last week and you killed me or I killed you, but now we’re allies so let’s kill someone else together. Turns out there are many who just cannot do that. I’m becoming less and less surprised with this attitude as I count up all the KOC players who dislike me lol. But seriously, I took your resources and now you “hate” me? Good thing you haven’t met me in real life, I might kick your chair and steal your double latte.

Well you see the best and the worst of people in this game and that is the part that is so addicting. It’s like watching Survivor in a computer game. You see the same things happening in that show.