Yes, this is also located in our support forums, but I get asked this all the time so I figure one more place can’t hurt. To get the best out of our addons use Firefox and Greasemonkey!

They do run in other mozilla based browsers like Palemoon (use the 32-bit version not the 64-bit version), Seamonkey, etc. They also work with Scriptish. What I’m saying is for the BEST experience use FF and GM.

Also, while it’s completely up to you, I do NOT upgrade my stuff every time Mozilla, GM, Adobe or even Microsoft puts out an upgrade. I’ve been doing this a long long time and I learned the hard way that you do not need to upgrade everything all the time.

This is what I personally use for playing KOC and I’m putting it out here but I am not saying you have to do it the same way. Because, here’s the thing, no computer out there is going to be setup exactly the same as any other and I have no idea what is on yours. Heck I have 5 computers in my house and none are setup the same.

With that said, I run FF 16 and GM 0.9.20 along with our addon. I also use memory restart to address the FF plug-in container memory piggish code and I use mozbackup to back up my setups so if something happens I can restore everything in a matter of seconds.