We understand that everyone wants to enjoy Kingdoms of Camelot as much as possible, and a lot of times we hear of people spending a little bit of money to get a few Divine Inspirations, hourglasses, or other items to help them along the way.  And then we hear people ask why should I donate any money on a script? I have the answer for you. When you spend your money on the game, it goes to a corporation and they give you an item you use one time and it’s gone. But when you donate to CodeSphere, you support a group that provides scripts you will use every day, in every aspect of the game, and you never lose it. You also get updates if the game changes or if we come up with newer and better ways to help you play it. So you can invest in the game one time, or you can invest in it the way you play the game and get a lot more out of it.

Besides, the $25.00 you would donate would only get you 250 gems and you can spend that in five minutes or spend that on the CodeSphere development efforts and use it to be able to attack faster, get more information quicker and be able to navigate a game that can be almost impossible to play without a quality script. The choice is yours and I think it’s clear. Come join us at CodeSphere. Invest in the way the game should be played.