Changes to our site & membership

The Gold Bot for KOC will still be here! And the best news is it is available for a one time fee of $10.00 USD.

The features in the bot, still work just fine. However, due to moving into other rapidly expanding enterprises, we simply do not have the time to keep up with all the game changes and new features. The bot is provided as is.

We will no longer, be maintaining the forums, the blog, and the one on one support for PC issues.

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CodeSphere KOC Bot


One time $10 cost covers updates as well

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What about updates?

We will from time to time update the bot but that will not happen each time there is a change in game features as it has in the past. Any updates we make will be available at no extra cost.

I already have a membership, do I have to pay again?

No. If you are an active paid Silver or Gold member under our previous membership model, your account will be transferred here and you will not have to pay the $10.00 cost.

What if I have a recurring membership payment setup?

If you have a recurring membership setup, please go to your PayPal account and cancel it. We cannot cancel recurring payments here.

What about the free and silver membership bots?

The free bot is available here, however we will not be updating you. You are free to use it as long as it works for you.  We will no longer provide, maintain nor support the silver bot. If you have it, you are free to use it as long as it works for you.

Are you taking down the youtube videos?

No, we are leaving the CS Youtube videos up :)

How do I get the Bots?

  1. Sign Up or Login
  2. Click on “Get the Bot” in the menu (it only appears when you’re logged in)
  3. Download the bot & Install


A great deal for a great game enhancer.

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Dual Troop Training

Train multiple troop types at the same time. Even different troops in every city if you like.

Auto Craft

Automatically craft items. See the recipes. Select how many of each item to craft.

Auto Build

Automatically build up your cities or destroy them while you sleep or eat or whatever.

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